National Guard Equip Modernization

The dual mission of the National Guard provides unique opportunities for companies to develop business with Guard units in the States, Territories and the District of Columbia. The domestic mission of securing the homeland in the face of natural and man-made disasters and the federal mission of being prepared to deploy overseas, requires the National Guard maintain and modernize their equipment, while ensuring National Guard personnel are trained and ready.  


The Command Strategies team is comprised of individuals with expertise and experience in the modernization and maintenance of the National Guard. These team members bring a strong network of relationships and a keen understanding of the processes required to do business across the National Guard.


Our track record of success working with the National Guard includes a wide range of clients from vehicles and vehicle and engineering equipment components to personal protective equipment and even lighting controls for Guard facilities.  Our understanding of the uniqueness of this Defense market, our experience, and relationships we have with the States and units is strongly advantageous in helping our clients identify and win business within the National Guard.