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Karin Pomerantz


Karin Pomerantz is a private consultant specializing in proposal management and strategic planning to help clients navigate federal procurement activities. She has extensive experience in developing and reviewing critical marketing and business development documents. Since 2004, Ms. Pomerantz has been Managing Partner for KPinC Consulting where she works with a variety of clients, across industries to assist them in meeting their business development and organizational goals via proposal and project management and organizational preparedness. She has been hired by commercial companies to assist them in entering the government sector and by government contractors looking to increase their market share.


Ms. Pomerantz has led, managed and consulted on proposal teams winning over $12 billion in government contracts including the $3.5 billion Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle (FMTV) A1 Competitive Rebuy (CR) production program, the $4.4 billion Fleet Automotive Support Initiative-Global (FASI-G) program, and the $2.5 billion Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle (FMTV) Rebuy II program. She has submitted proposals to multiple federal, state and commercial agencies. She conducted gap analysis and developed organizational documentation for multiple commercial businesses. In 2009, she worked on proposal teams winning over $2.6 billion for clients to provide different products and services to a variety of Government agencies.


Prior to 2004, she was director of new business for a data management company, effectively expanding the market reach to different segments of the business community. Prior to that she served as manager of marketing support services for a small woman-owned science and technology consulting firm, managing all aspects of the their proposal efforts and marketing development.


Ms. Pomerantz has a bacherlor of science in psychology and a master of science in industrial, organizational psychology. She has been a guest lecturer on small business marketing at Plymouth State University, and is currently working with Plymouth State University Frost School (NH) to develop and teach a series of workforce development courses related to proposal development, program management and effective business writing. She has a current secret clearance.


Karin Pomerantz: