Army Programs Manager - Fort Benning

Dave Reiss

Since 2009, Dave Reiss has been an Army Programs Manager and head of DPM's Fort Benning Office following a career of 43 years as both an Army officer and Army civilian employee. Following his retirement in 2003, he worked for BAE as a consultant on their wheeled and tracked armored vehicle programs.


At the time of his retirement from from the U.S. Army, Dave was the Deputy TRADOC Systems Manager for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the Stryker, where he was responsible for developing the requirements for and fielding both systems. Prior to that assignment, he worked in the Army Infantry School where he was responsible for the training simulations for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the Heavy Brigade Combat Team programs. He also was responsible for establishing requirements for infantry weapons training devices and supervising the presentation of new equipment training for small arms.


Dave Reiss: