James Zwickey


James (Jim) Zwickey is a 32-year Defense industry veteran who directed multibillion-dollar programs, projects, and contracts for Oshkosh Corporation (1979–2011). Jim served as Oshkosh Corp's Vice President for Defense Contracts from 2007 to 2011, leading its growth in Defense contracts from $6.7B to $22B and spearheading the Defense Department's top priority contract (M-ATV). Prior to leaving office, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates praised the M-ATV program as the fastest production delivery and most efficient major defense vehicle program since World War II.


Jim served as Oshkosh's Director for Defense Contracts from 1999–2007, pioneering performance-based payment (PBP) contracts and reducing annual operating costs by millions of dollars. He concurrently served as Program Director for Heavy Tactical Vehicles from 1999 to 2000. Jim was instrumental in transitioning several programs into the family of heavy tactical vehicles, retaining Oshkosh Corp as the sole source provider. During his time with Oshkosh, Jim partnered with the US Army to develop the first tactical wheeled vehicle remanufacture program that generated a large cost savings for the Army.


Jim specializes in building relationships and strategic partnerships, defining and implementing proposal strategies, analyzing costs, negotiating and executing Defense contracts, and interpreting contract language. Jim holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Government from Monmouth College and is the former President and Vice President of the National Contract Management Association (WI Chapter).


James Zwickey: