Energy Business Development

Energy Challenges. Energy Solutions.

Energy is one of the biggest issues within the Department of Defense and federal sector today. As the largest consumer of energy, the United States military is committed to reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. The military is engaged in remote parts of the world where we must transport and store fuel at high risk and cost.

At home, military installations and federal facilities consist of tens of thousands of buildings, many which were built in the mid 1900's and earlier. Vulnerabilities in the power grid complicate this further.

Overall, the federal government has prioritized the following areas, creating opportunities for private industry to contribute to future development:

  • Energy conservation and efficiency, both at home and in tactical environments
  • Renewable energy
  • Clean energy production, at U.S. military installations / bases and in tactical environments
  • Energy security of facilities and "decoupling" them from the grid
  • "Smart grid" technology

Command Strategies is on the forefront of these and many other energy-related opportunities. We work with the leaders, facilitators and innovators throughout government and industry, finding ways to solve the challenges currently facing our country. The opportunities for industry to provide energy solutions have never been better.