FGrowth Federal Market Analysis

Comprehensive understanding maximizes growth

Entering the federal market can provide significant, long-term growth opportunities, but it also calls for companies to have an in-depth understanding of the federal government, existing programs, and procurement, funding and contracting processes. That's why it's important for any company interested in entering the federal marketplace to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the opportunities.

Command Strategies has developed its proprietary FGrowth™ Federal Market Analysis Program to help companies quantify market potential, and provide strategic recommendations for business development success. Command Strategies conducts a 60-, 90- or 120-day study -- depending on the scope -- of opportunities within the federal government. This in-depth analysis identifies requirements, programs, budgets, schedules and customers for your product(s) and services. The end result is a business plan and recommendations for entering the federal marketplace.

Understanding Budgets Expands Your Opportunities

Sales and market potential are closely linked to how well you understand the overall market and environment. With the federal market, this includes understanding the President's Budget, agency and department budgets, and the programs those budgets fund. With our contacts and insight into Federal departments and agencies, Command Strategies can obtain and analyze the budgets relevant to your products and give you the lay of the land. Since budgets are ever-changing, we use our contacts to gain intelligence on funding levels and vehicles as they are developed and executed. Budget and program analysis can be provided on its own, or as part of FGrowth™, our federal market analysis program. We also offer budget analysis and guidance as part of our due diligence package for merger and acquisition targets.